About Dayna Bradshaw ~ owner of Cowgirls With wings Trick riding

A Born Entertainer & Professional Trick Rider

Dayna Bradshaw is the founder and owner of her entertainment business Cowgirls With Wings Trick Riding. She is based in Owen South Australia. Dayna started Trick Riding at age 14 and has been performing as a professional Trick Rider and entertainer since November 2018, and is currently the only trick rider that performs in South Australia and Victoria so far. Dayna showcases the true American version of trick riding across Australia, where she hangs upside down, stands up and does many more gymnastics stunts all while on a galloping horse. She performs out of pure love of entertaining others and she has been making peoples jaws drop and hands clap across Australia as a professional Trick Rider, showing people the daring, thrilling, adrenaline rushing sport. Dayna performs at Rodeos, Country Shows, Royal Shows, Gymkhanas, Race Days, Horse Expos & Events and much more! Dayna has been on the Tv show Weekend Sunrise Channel 7 to do with her business Cowgirls With Wings Trick Riding. It’s always a thrill for her to leave the audience knowing she gave them a unique and entertaining experience that they will never forget.

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What I Do & Where I Perform!

Stunts & Gymnastics On Horseback

I put on a show that everyone can enjoy. its a thrilling, adrenalin rushing, exciting perfomence, and guaranteed to give your Show, Rodeo or Event the spark it needs to be a blast. I am a Professional performer, with my physical abilities to create wonderful performances that will take the audiences breath away. Have a look at some of the places I can perform below.

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Country & Royal Shows

Country & Royal Shows

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Gymkhanas & Demos

Gymkhanas & Demos

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Expos & Events

Expos & Events

Trick Riding Lessons!

Cowgirls With Wings Trick Riding offers private lessons, they will be 1 hour long per lesson, the cost is $80 a lesson and any riding level is welcome from beginners to advanced. Minimum age to for lessons is 5, so If you're interested in learning how to Trick Ride and learn the thrilling, exciting and adrenaline rushing sport that's super fun then get in touch with Dayna now!! 

you can get in touch with Dayna via this website , Facebook or instagram

The lessons will be located in Owen South Australia and all horses and gear is supplied so book your trick riding lesson now.


Trick Riding Horses 
& The Mascot


Trick Riding Horse:

Honey - R.I.P

Honey was Daynas go to trick riding horse, she had been there done that and nothing phased her! Honey was best known for how fast she could run when performing and how she took such good care or Dayna during each and every perfomance. Honey put every bit of her heart, soul and hoofs into every single show and she will never ever be forgotten.

Upcoming Performances: 2021

Maitland Show

March 20st

A little sneak peek of some of the aweso

Past Performances

Carrieton Rodeo

December 29th 2018

Peterborough Rodeo

January 19th 2019

Australia Day Parade In The City

January 26th 2019

Marrabel Bull Ride

February 16th 2019

Yunta Picnic Races & Gymkhana

April 27th 2019

Nonning Gymkhana

May 18th 2019

Wilmigton Show

September 15th 2019

Quorn Show

September 22nd 2019

Port Elliot Show

October 12th 2019

Mount Gambier Show

October 25th & 26th 2019

Streaky Bay Rodeo

November 23rd 2019

Australian International 3 Day Event

November 14th & 15th 2019


"Why Ride When You Can Fly"

Dayna Bradshaw


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Owen SA 5460, Australia


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A little sneak peek of some of the aweso
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